Potty Whispering DVD (NTSC - USA format)  Potty Whispering is a 2-disk informational DVD set covering all the basics of infant pottying, including how it works, how to get started, techniques and tactics, medical and professional opinions, contributions from parents, and resources. Run time: approx 2 hours. Includes interviews with and commentary by: Simone Rugolotto, Pediatrician & Neonatologist, Verona, Italy Marten deVries, M.D., former Secretary General of World Federation for Mental Health, Prof of Social Psychiatry, Maastricht, Netherlands Thomas S. Ball, Ph.D., Psychologist, Diamond Bar, CA, USA Karin Susskind, M.D., Family Practitioner, Boulder, CO, USA Melinda Rothstein, co-founder DiaperFreeBaby, Boston, MA, USA
Potty Whispering DVD (PAL - Europe format)   This is a PAL version of the above product. It is identical in content to the NTSC version, but has been converted to work in DVD players manufactured to the European broadcast standard.
Infant Potty Basics (English language book) “Infant Potty Basics: With or Without Diapers, the Natural Way” teaches you all you need to know to get started with a gentle and gradual means of toilet learning that is used in many non-Western societies. The guidelines will help you learn your baby’s elimination communication and comfy in-arms potty positions. Infant pottying promotes early bonding and communication, reduces/eliminates diapers, protects the environment, and conserves natural & financial resources. NOTE: If you opt to buy our more comprehensive book "Infant Potty Training," there is no need to also read "Infant Potty Basics" as most topics of "Infant Potty Basics" are included and/or expanded in "Infant Potty Training."
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Infant Potty Training (English language book)   "Infant Potty Training: A Gentle and Primeval Method Adapted to Modern Living" now with 81 photos (including 66 color photos) and recent medical research. For this comprehensive, elaborate and exquisite tome, the author has scoured the world for proof that her infant potty method really works, with or without diapers . . . and to the ultimate benefit of babies, parents and environment. The book contains guidelines for all ages (newborn, early-starters & late- starters); 100+ baby signals; 35+ tips for late-starters; tips for working with twins and other multiples; part-time pottying; sign language; commentary by pediatricians, MDs and psychologists; testimonials; and cross-cultural research.
Infant Potty Training (Japanese language book)   This book is a Japanese translation based on “Infant Potty Training,” published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha in Tokyo.
Senza Pannolino (Italian language book)   This book is an Italian translation of “Infant Potty Basics.” It is published by Terra Nuova a publisher specializing in parenting and practical ecology books in Florence, Italy.
TopFit! (German language book)   This book is a German translation of “Infant Potty Basics.” It is published by Anahita Verlag an independent publisher specializing in parenting works and based near Helmstedt, Germany.
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Je baby op het potje (Dutch language book) This book is a Dutch translation of “Infant Potty Basics.” It is published by Thoeris, a publisher specializing in parenting works and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
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Un orinal para mi bébé (Spanish language book)   This book is a Spanish translation of “Infant Potty Basics.” It is published by Vida Kinesiologia in Spain.
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