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Potty Whispering is a two-disc DVD production written and produced by Laurie Boucke, author of three bestselling books on infant pottying. Her books have been translated and published in Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. This website is dedicated to the practice of infant pottying/elimination communication in general, and to the Potty Whispering DVD set in particular.
RESOURCES / BUY CONTACT & ABOUT HOW IT WORKS RESOURCES / BUY RESOURCES / BUY HOW IT WORKS HOW IT WORKS CONTACT & ABOUT CONTACT & ABOUT It often starts with a whisper, and it has many names: from the practical”infant potty training” and “elimination communication” to the nostalgic “trickle treat” of the early 1990s.  It is part of a long-established child-rearing practice that lost favor to the hyper-convenient world of diapers and fast food. It is the gentle, loving, practice of being attentive and responsive to baby’s natural needs.  I think of it as “potty whispering” as this is how it begins in many places around the world.