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Laurie Boucke has been teaching, researching and a mentor for infant potty training for over 30 years. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California, speaks several languages and has traveled and lived abroad for much of her life, thus affording her the opportunity to observe the parenting customs of different societies. She has authored eight books, including three on the topic of toilet training babies:  "Infant Potty Training" (published in 2000, updated in 2008) and "Infant Potty Basics" (2003) are the most recent, in addition to scripting and producing “Potty Whispering.” Laurie also works as a court reporter for deaf clients and encourages sign language as a means of communication with all infants including hearing babies. Her passion for infant pottying (elimination communication) started when her third son was three months old and a visitor from India encouraged her to start toilet training. Like most Westerners, she was skeptical at first. The Indian mother showed her how infants are held in-arms and potty trained in India. From that day forward, her son never pooped in his diaper or pants or wet his bed, remained dry with reminders around nine months, and was 100% toilet trained around the age of two years. Laurie is still conducting medical research on infant pottying. For her articles on pubmed, click here: Laurie is a cofounder of the International Board for the Study, Research and Promotion of Assisted Infant Toilet Training.
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Author/producer Laurie Boucke with Prof. Marten deVries, Maastricht University, 2006.